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Vince Gray Won’t “Over Promise” to HIV/AIDS Director

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Mayoral candidate Vince Gray explains what he wants from a D.C. HIV/AIDS director in the wake of Dr. Shannon Hader's sudden departure from HAHSTA last month [via Fight HIV in DC]. He's looking for "the best possible person" that he doesn't have to lie to:

D.C.’s Transgender Community Suffers from Lack of HIV Statistics

After this week's post on the state of HIV in D.C., a commenter asked for some current statistics on the HIV/AIDS rate in the District's transgender population. Good luck.  D.C.'s Department of Health doesn't track cases based on gender identity in its annual report on the epidemic [PDF], though it does compile numbers on race, [...]

Where To Find Your Snogasm Condoms

The District expects to register six-to-twelve inches of snowfall today. Winds are clocking at up to 40 miles an hour. The government is closed. Classes are canceled. Road conditions are hazardous. You want to pass the time by fucking. But is it safe?
A tipster for We Love D.C. reports that at least one District Safeway's condom [...]