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Victim Blaming, In Rape Cases and Fatal Car Accidents

Last night, I re-read Gene Weingarten's Pulitzer Prize-winning feature on parents who accidentally forget their infants in the backseats of their cars, leaving them to swelter to death in the heat. And since I can make connections to rape culture out of practically anything, I was struck by this section in Weingarten's story, about the [...]

“Men’s Parties” 911 Caller: “They Didn’t Want to Call the Police”

It's been over a month since a man died inside an underground sex club at 1618 14th Street NW. The club, operated by David J. Butler and the D.C. Wrestling Club, had been throwing near-nightly "Men's Parties" in Logan Circle for years. The party came to a halt on the morning of Oct. 4, [...]

D.C. Police Describe “Men’s Parties” Location: Used Condoms, Glory Holes, and a Crucifix

On Wednesday, the District of Columbia filed suit to shut down "Men's Parties," the underground male sex club operating at 1618 14th Street NW. The lawsuit's three defendants—David J. Butler, 1618 14th Street LLC, and the D.C. Wrestling Club—face charges of "opperation of a business without a basic business license" and "use of premises for [...]

Police Report Released In “Men’s Parties” Death

A police report has been filed in the weekend death of a man at a Logan Circle sex club known for hosting "Men's Parties" and meetings of the "Jack Off Enthusiasts Club." The report was taken on Sunday, Oct. 4 at 5:26 a.m. In the report, the sex club, located at 1618 14th Street NW, [...]

“Men’s Party” Sex Club Victim May Have Broken Neck

At tonight's ANC 2F meeting, 3rd District Lieutenant Vanessa Moore provided some details into the police investigation of Sunday's sex club death at 1618 14th Street NW. The building has long been known for hosting a late-night sex party called "Men's Parties" as well as meetings of the "Jack Off Enthusiasts Club." Last Sunday, a [...]

Death at Logan Circle”Men’s Party” Apartment

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A man died over the weekend in a Logan Circle apartment known for holding late-night "Men's Parties," Borderstan reports. The death was reported to have occurred inside 1618A 14th Street NW (shown in map above).
Details of the man's death—including the cause of death and the name of the deceased—remain unclear, but Acting Sgt. [...]