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The Sex Ed Gender Divide

"If I can get cereal easy, why can't I get condoms like that?"
The D.C. Council's Committee on Health recently completed a survey of about 250 District high school students' thoughts on sex ed. The results reveal some interesting rifts between the male and female sex ed experience. Below, differing perspectives on sex ed—from condom [...]

D.C. Has Lowest Marriage Rate In Nation, Largest Percentage of Same-Sex Couples

According to a recent Pew Research study, the District of Columbia has the lowest marriage rate in the country. Only 23 percent of women and 28 percent of men and in D.C. are married, compared to 48 and 52 percent nationwide. The rates in D.C. are so low that they lie entirely off the [...]

Oh God, Locals Weigh In On Workplace Bullying

Sure, Mickey Meece started it. Her female workplace bully story—or as I like to call it, "How the recession is making bitches bitchier"—was a derivative, sexist, non-story recession trend piece for the ages. But now, WJLA is gunning to one-up Meece with its own derivative, sexist, non-story recession trend piece: How the recession is still [...]

Gay Guerillas Descend on Straight Bar, Possibly for Last Time

Beers for queers: Not just in gay bars anymore
This week, Metro Weekly reported on three local gay social activists who have been organizing a monthly "Guerilla Queer Bar" in D.C. for the past five years. The concept is simple: Get a bunch of gay people together, descend upon a traditionally straight bar, and declare "We're [...]

The HIV Blame Game: The Last Word!

Finally, the debate is over, and we may finally know who is truly to blame for HIV!
As promised, blogger Black Informant has posted a response to my response to his response to my response to his call for a debate based on my response to a blog post he wrote about the District's new HIV [...]

The HIV Blame Game: Let the Debate Begin

Blogger Black Informant, with whom I disagree.
Yesterday, I wrote a post calling out Black Informant, a blogger who called out homosexuals for the striking new HIV/AIDS numbers in the District. The blogger then proceeded to call me out, in a post titled “Calling Amanda Hess of the Washington City Paper.” Black Informant wanted to debate. [...]

Ms. Magazine Considers Washington Bureau

And all I know so far is that they want me to pay for it. Ms. Magazine has announced its intentions to open a Washington bureau, in the form of a standard fundraising missive. Let's take a look at Ms.'s plans:
Dear [Possible Donor],
Feminists have an unprecedented opportunity to move forward. At this transformational time in [...]

Inauguration Date Round-Up: Sex, Couches, and French Cuisine

As the inauguration nears, Craigslist has been a-flutter with the romantic overtures of dudes looking for inauguration ball arm-candy and other dudes looking for inauguration week couch-surfing-with-benefits. Your best bets:
* This man-seeking-man inauguration ticket offerer has a range of interests, including "hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, snowboarding, reading, writing, cooking, dining out, watching movies, dancing, exploring [...]

Gay Marriage in D.C.: How Soon Is Now?

City Paper's Loose Lips columnist, Mike DeBonis, has the run-down on a D.C. gay marriage timeline:
In the Blade, Lou Chibbaro Jr. runs down some of the challenges facing a ballot referendum banning gay marriage in the District. They are many: For one, 21,000 signatures is a lot.
Meanwhile, in WaTimes, Gary Emerling examines how gay-marriage advocates [...]

High Heel Race Video Corner

Thirty fabulous seconds from last night's Dupont Circle High Heel Race. Includes: men in women's clothing; giant phallic Washington Monument costume; swarming mob.
Trouble viewing? Try the youtube version.