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Washington D.C. Wins the Pay Gap

According to the New York Times, the District of Columbia has the lowest pay gap between male and female workers in the country, compared to the 50 states. From NYT: "in the District of Columbia, the median weekly wage of full-time women workers is 96.5 percent of that for their male counterparts, far and [...]

HIV in D.C., By the Numbers

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control released a new report on HIV in D.C. including numbers through 2008. Here's a look at the extent of the epidemic, according to the CDC's findings:

Anti-Abortion Activist Gets Arrested, Attention

It's 11 a.m. on Tuesday, and anti-abortion activist Reverend Pat Mahoney has arrived at Washington, D.C.'s downtown Planned Parenthood health center with the intention of getting arrested. But first, he has to warm up the crowd.

D.C. 10th Graders On Gay Rights

Capital City Public Charter School students Keonie Smith, 17, and Clara Lincoln, 14, created the above video to show the support of gay rights among their peers at the Columbia Heights school. Prepare to clutch your pearls, wingnuts: The video was made as part of a school geometry project meant to apply logical proofs to [...]

Gay Marriage in D.C.: One Officiant, Three Months, 44 Same-Sex Weddings

When same-sex marriage was legalized in D.C. this March, Mike Newman offered himself up to officiate local gay marriages free-of-charge. Since them, Newman has wedded 44 of the District's same-sex couples—and one opposite-sex pair. Here's a taste of the ceremonies he's seen:

Streets Without Harassment

Last year, a friend of mine moved from D.C. to Philadelphia. After a year in Philly, she noticed something odd: "I don't get street harassed. At all. Ever." She writes:

Where To Find Your Snogasm Condoms

The District expects to register six-to-twelve inches of snowfall today. Winds are clocking at up to 40 miles an hour. The government is closed. Classes are canceled. Road conditions are hazardous. You want to pass the time by fucking. But is it safe?
A tipster for We Love D.C. reports that at least one District Safeway's condom [...]

We’re Number 1 In Gay Households

Today's Economist graph ran the numbers on the prevalence of same-sex households across the United States. According to the data, collected by the Williams Institute, Washington, D.C. has the highest concentration of gay households—14 out of 1,000. If that number sounds small to you, keep in mind that the data excludes single gay men and [...]

A Guide to Gay Wedding Discrimination

Catholic Block: Church fights to keep weddings swinging one way.
The authors of the D.C. gay marriage bill are sensitive folks. While they’re eager to grant gays and lesbians the right to get hitched in the District, they don’t want to upset conservative churches in town. So they threw an exemption into the pending gay-marriage bill [...]

D.C. Gay Marriage Bill Preserves Domestic Partnerships

Last month, I argued against the provision in the D.C. same-sex marriage bill that would phase out domestic partnerships. In short: A lot of couples, gay and straight, don't want to have to opt into that problematic "marriage" business in order to secure our rights. Marriage still comes with a lot of unwanted shit, like [...]