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Same-Sex Marriage Hits D.C. Court of Appeals Today

Today, the D.C. Court of Appeals will hear arguments over the fate of same-sex marriage in D.C.  In January, the D.C. Superior Court decided that a ballot initiative to define marriage as between a man and a woman would violate the District's Human Rights Act; anti-gay-marriage activists appealed the decision.
Photo by Darrow Montgomery

The Fred Phelps Counter-Protest In Photos: Vaginas Nom Nom Nom

Today, the much-anticipated Fred Phelps counter-protest finally came to fruition—albeit a couple of hours after Phelps' homophobia parade got going. City Paper photog Darrow Montgomery was on-hand to document the results. (See all of Darrow's photos of D.C. gay marriage day here).
Below, counter-protesters utilize the Burger King Guy, God Hates [Blank], and unclear messages about [...]

Couple #93: Manni Baez & Travis Romshak

It's noon on gay marriage day in D.C., and Manni Baez and Travis Romshak are pretty much at the end of the line. They got here around 10:3 a.m.; they expect to be waiting for another hour or two before it's their turn to enter the Marriage Bureau and file their paperwork. If they're lucky. [...]

Couple # 17: Nichole Beavers & Stephanie Outlaw

Nichole Beavers and Stephanie Outlaw might be the youngest people waiting for their marriage license today. Beavers is only 19; Outlaw, 20. But the couple's wedding plans are hardly immature. "We didn't think it would actually come true this soon," says Beavers. "We planned this all out two-and-a-half years ago."

D.C. Gay Marriage Day: The Happy Couples and the Smiling Bigots

It's the debut of gay marriage in Washington, D.C., and the first batch of couples to snake through the D.C. Superior Court Marriage Bureau are ready to step in front of the cameras. But first, they've got to be coached on how to exit the building. Sultan Shakir, organizer for the Campaign for All D.C. [...]

Couple #12: Terrance Heath & Richard Imirowicz

This line is nothing compared to the White House Easter Egg Roll of 2006. Four years ago, Terrance Heath and Richard Imirowicz waited in line overnight, in the snow and the freezing cold, in order to secure tickets for their son, now 7, to roll some eggs on the White House lawn. Imirowicz had come [...]

Couple #1: Sinjoyla Townsend & Angelisa Young

Sinjoyla Townsend and Angelisa Young are holding gay marriage's golden ticket—a commemorative place-holder signifying that they are officially the first same-sex couple to file their application for marriage in the District of Columbia. The couple strolled into D.C. Superior Court this morning at 6 a.m., expecting to file in behind a mass of waiting couples. [...]

Need a Last-Minute Officiant for Your Gay Marriage?

Given the ambivalent history of same-sex marriage in this country—in 2008, gays in California only had a five-month window to get hitched before their newly-minted rights were revoked—many gay couples are understandably eager to redeem their marriage rights at their earliest convenience. If you're one of those gays, Mike Newman is your guy.

UPDATED: Gay And Getting Married Next Week? Bring $35, Work the Security Line, and Avoid Fred Phelps

Gay and itching to get married? On March 3, 2010, same-sex couples will be legally allowed to marry apply for marriage in the District of Columbia, and the D.C. government has just issued some guidelines on how it's all going to go down. Here's how to get hitched as soon as possible [This post has been [...]

“Ex-Gays” Protected Under D.C. Human Rights Act, Judge Rules

A Virginia "ex-gay" group won a small victory alongside a big defeat in D.C. Superior Court this summer.
In 2002, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) applied for an exhibit booth at the National Education Association's annual convention, "Expo 2002." PFOX submitted an application, signed a deposit check, and prepared its exhibit: an educational display, it [...]