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Sex Work and the Problem of the Teetering High-Heels

In her Friday Washington Post column, Petula Dvorak came to the realization that the District's sex workers aren't exclusively criminals—sometimes, they can be victims, too. Dvorak profiles Tina Frundt, the woman behind the local Courtney's House shelter for victims of human trafficking. "Frundt was once a slave herself, forced into prostitution in the District [...]

Sexual Harassment By Men In Uniform

This week, local street harassment blog Holla Back DC recorded two incidents of street harassment by local firefighters. In the year that Holla Back has been publicizing sexual harassment in the District, the blog has aired plenty of stories of harassment originating from the District's men in uniform. In honor of this dubious occasion, I've [...]

How D.C. Police Fail Rape Victims

For this week's paper, I wrote a cover story on one young woman's crusade to secure a rape kit after she believed she had been drugged and raped at a college party. The D.C. police response to the woman's case illustrates how District rape victims can be dismissed as liars, drunks, or otherwise unworthy of [...]

The State of Transgender Hate Crimes in D.C.

Last month, D.C. police released a report breaking down every hate crime reported in D.C. [PDF] over the past five years. In 2007, changes to the D.C. Human Rights Act required police to begin recording hate-bias crimes motivated by the victim's "gender identity or expression"—in other words, crimes that specifically target transgender victims. Since then, [...]

“I Wanted Him to Feel Physical Pain”: The Revenge Fantasies of Groping Victims

The man never even touched Miranda Vargas, but her body felt him. While riding the Metro, Vargas watched as a man with a “stale, semen smell” inched close to her, opened his legs, and “began playing with himself over his pants,” Vargas says. As the guy publicly masturbated to her, Vargas’ body experienced symptoms of [...]

MPD Officer Groped By Suspect

One of the gripes leveled at the Sexist's recent groping coverage is that it has so far focused on only one category of victim—women. Men get groped, too, so let's hear one male victim's story. This weekend, a male MPD officer was subjected to a public genital grab, courtesy of a violent burglary suspect. The [...]

D.C. Police’s Approach to LGBT Issues A “Severe Disappointment”

According to a coalition of LGBT activist groups, the D.C. police department's recent plans for dealing with crimes involving gay, lesbian, and transgender citizens have registered as a "severe disappointment" to the LGBT community.
Recently, D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier decided to restructure the department's Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (GLLU)—a unit of officers specially-trained in [...]

“Men’s Parties” 911 Caller: “They Didn’t Want to Call the Police”

It's been over a month since a man died inside an underground sex club at 1618 14th Street NW. The club, operated by David J. Butler and the D.C. Wrestling Club, had been throwing near-nightly "Men's Parties" in Logan Circle for years. The party came to a halt on the morning of Oct. 4, [...]

D.C. Police Describe “Men’s Parties” Location: Used Condoms, Glory Holes, and a Crucifix

On Wednesday, the District of Columbia filed suit to shut down "Men's Parties," the underground male sex club operating at 1618 14th Street NW. The lawsuit's three defendants—David J. Butler, 1618 14th Street LLC, and the D.C. Wrestling Club—face charges of "opperation of a business without a basic business license" and "use of premises for [...]

“Men’s Party” Sex Club Victim May Have Broken Neck

At tonight's ANC 2F meeting, 3rd District Lieutenant Vanessa Moore provided some details into the police investigation of Sunday's sex club death at 1618 14th Street NW. The building has long been known for hosting a late-night sex party called "Men's Parties" as well as meetings of the "Jack Off Enthusiasts Club." Last Sunday, a [...]