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Dr. Ruth Jacobs Is Back With More Bizarre Genital Commentary

Last we checked in with Dr. Ruth Jacobs, president of the Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government, she was explaining why transgender women should not be allowed in her bathroom: “If somebody with an opposite body part is allowed in to a ladies’ restroom—a guy who has a penis, who could put his penis inside my [...]

In Defense of D.C.’s Domestic Partnerships

On Alternet, Melissa Harris-Lacewell argues that even as the nation fights to establish marriage equality, it must work to reevaluate institution of marriage itself. "Our work must be not just about marriage equality, it should also be about equal marriages, and about equal rights and security for those who opt out of marriage altogether," she [...]

Catania on Gay Marriage in D.C.

The District of Columbia may be a few Senators short of statehood, but it's close to securing some other rights for its citizens, D.C. Council member David Catania says. At Saturday's 2008 GLBT Economic Development Summit, Catania "reaffirmed that a same-sex marriage bill will be introduced to the Council in January, and that he is [...]