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Who Can Make A Rape Joke?

Take It With a Grain of Assault: Palmer finds humor in her rape.

Hint: Frat boys, check; Victims, no.

Amanda Palmer’s new single, “Oasis,” is a sunny tune about a tumultuous time in a teenager’s life. After enduring rape, abortion, and a schoolwide slut-shaming, the girl receives an autographed headshot of her favorite band—Oasis—in the mail, and [...]

The Morning After: Pro-Life Inauguration Leather Week Edition

* Something for everybody! While Barack Obama gets his inauguration on, D.C. will also play host to annual pro-life Roe v. Wade protest the March for Life and the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend.
* In case this inauguration date isn't up your alley: Check out the other dudes seeking dates on Craigslist.
* Via the Washington Blade: Lou [...]