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Sexist Comments of the Week: Race Dating Edition

Last week, a brief history of racism among participants in the Washington Post Magazine Date Lab inspired some spirited defenses of racial preferences in the boudoir—and some polite rejections of the idea that one's blind date is merely acceptable "for an Asian guy." Let's take a look!:

Date Lab Race Redux

On the subject of race in the Washington Post Magazine's Date Lab, a former Date Labber weighs in with some insight into some behind-the-scenes engineering on the subject of skin-color (I've edited the remarks slightly for clarity):

A Brief History of Date Lab Racism

We know that the vast majority of daters in the Washington Post Magazine's blind date feature, Date Lab, discriminate based on gender. Of the 3,300 potential District daters in the Post's applicant pool, only 9 identify as bisexual—and only one bi woman has actually been set up on a date.
So how many local Date Lab [...]

Straight Lab: The Washington Post’s Date Lab Struggles to Make Gay Dates

On Aug. 1, The Washington Post Magazine’s weekly blind date feature, Date Lab, will print what has become a once-yearly ritual: The gay date.
Every Sunday, the magazine writes up the adventures of two single Washingtonians set up by the Post; after the date, both spill the night’s details to a reporter, [...]

The Naughty Bits

The Washington Post magazine ruins a date before it starts, records political musings of awesome older lady.
Naughty Meanspirited Awesome: They didn't stand a chance. In last week's Date Lab, Washington Post's resident sadists set up "Chrissy," a 24-year old recruiter, with "Clay," a 24-year-old farmer. Farmer and "recruiter"—a natural pairing, no?
No. By the time [...]

The Morning After

* Local transgender America's Next Top Model contestant Isis King tells the NY Post about her future goals: "[Gender reassignment surgery] is still something I need to do. Financially I haven't saved up more money since the show. And because I haven't been working, I've been living off my savings. But hopefully the jobs will [...]