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The Female Condom, For “Men With Huge Penises”

This week, The Daily Beast takes on the female condom's new marketing strategy, which has attempted to combat the prophylactic's reputation as a noisy, expensive, and awkward option (you heard it here first!). Reporter Joyce C. Tang doesn't find any regular women—women who do not work as female condom advocates—who have actually tried the unconventional [...]

Hillary Clinton: Barack Obama’s Saudi Wife?

On the Daily Beast this week, Tina Brown called out President Barack Obama for keeping Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "invisible" during Obama's recent whirlwind diplomacy tour of Earth.
Brown frames the piece—how else?—by a Middle-Eastern take on the "stuck in the kitchen" analogy:

Kanye West “Gay,” Internet Trolls Declare

"Does Kanye Dress Too Gay?" Elizabeth Gates writes on the Daily Beast. The speculation on the impact of Kanye West's dandy foppishness isn't invalid, but it does require a follow-up: too gay according to whom?
Gates makes the case that West dresses too gay for hip-hop, which she claims has backed off from its full embrace [...]

Washington Blade Calls Out Meghan McCain

Political-royalty-turned-blogger Meghan McCain has launched a new campaign to usher gay rights into her hip, young Republican fold—but the gay media is not biting.
In the Daily Beast this week, McCain calls gay rights "one of the [causes] closest to my heart," and insists that "if the Republican Party has any hope of gaining substantial support [...]

Blogger Suggests Unknown “Sexting Age”

The Daily Beast's Ashleigh Banfield wrote a screed today arguing that "sexting" offenders—teens who send naked photos of themselves and others to other teens—should be prosecuted harshly, to serve as examples for others. Banfield says that a "little felony can ruin your life." Which is why teenage sexters should receive felonies: to ruin their lives.
Banfield [...]

Gay Marriage as Olympic Sport

Former City Paper editor Kara Swisher writes for the Daily Beast about her insatiable desire to be married to another woman. Swisher has been gay married four times so far: the non-legal romantic, traditional, family wedding; the rushed, Niagara Falls parking lot Canadian wedding; the voided San Francisco sham wedding; and the final, in-at-the-buzzer, right-before-polls-close-legalizing-Prop-8 [...]

Ugly Michelle Obama Dress Design Not Actually Designed By Ugly Dress Designer

Last week's Daily Beast feature which asked former Project Runway contestants to design a Michelle Obama inauguration gown—using only ridiculous materials and some pluck—accidentally asked the wrong Jay McCarroll to design the dress. According to Jezebel, The Beast actually contacted one Jay McCarrol, who has but one "L" in his last name, is not a [...]

What Will Michelle Wear?

The Daily Beast posed this absurd challenge to former Project Runway contestants: Design an inaugural gown for Michelle Obama using only "Laura Bush’s 2005 Inaugural Ball dress, to be chopped up and repurposed, à la Pretty in Pink; an American flag; burlap potato sacks; and $10 worth of trims of their choice." (Umm, is that [...]