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How Many Manly Cupcakes Must A Man Devour Before You Can Call Him “Butch”?

It has recently come to my attention that a New York cupcake producer by the name of "Butch Bakery" has "decided it was time to combine a masculine aesthetic with a traditionally cute product—the cupcake," and has endeavored to accomplish this feat by "butch[ing] it up." How exactly does one "butch up" cupcakes?

Breast Cancer Awareness Cake: FAIL

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and your local Harris Teeter is gearing up for the occasion. I spotted these cute pink-ribbon cupcakes today at the Adams Morgan Teet on 17th St. & Kalorama Rd. NW:

Delicate little ribbon-shaped sprinkles? Darling. However, I found the supermarket's larger BCAM offerings to be somehow less impressive. Observe:

The Breast [...]