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Washington Post Goes “Cuddler”

The Washington Post has apparently ended its internal ban on using a colloquial term for Georgetown's most notorious sexual assailant: The "Cuddler." Over the past two years, Georgetown University students and the campus press have invoked the "Cuddler" nickname to refer to a string of odd sexual assaults that have occurred in and around the [...]

A “Georgetown Cuddler” Timeline

According to D.C. police, a sexual assailant known as the "Cuddler" has been terrorizing dorms and townhouses around Georgetown University since January 13, 2008. But when did that other scourge of the Georgetown campus—the suspect's creepily innocuous nickname—first hit the Hoyas? No one knows for sure. Below, track the moniker's rise in the campus lexicon. [...]

Why The “Georgetown Cuddler” Will Never Be The “Crapist”

He Who Shall Not Be Named: TheVoice Doesn't Like to Have to Use "Cuddler"
On Sept. 4, Georgetown University told its students to stop calling him “The Cuddler.”
Because cuddle is far too soft a description for what the suspect does. In a typical attack, a man enters a student’s residence through an unlocked window or door, [...]