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American University Student Newspapers Vandalized Over “Rape Apology”

In a spirited diatribe entitled "Dealing With AU's anti-sex brigade" published yesterday in the American University Eagle, AU's resident anti-feminist thinker, Alex Knepper, argues that feminists who rally against rape are turning act of sex into a sorry ritual in which "two amorphous, gender-neutral blobs ask each other 'Is this OK with you?.'” [...]

Transgender Shoplifting Story Inspires Absurd Corrections

NBC Washington shows what happens when news outlets fail to confirm the correct gender identity of their subjects before publication. The outlet has just posted another story about the two shoplifting suspects who were shot by police near the University of Maryland last Friday. Here's the absurd lede:
Upon closer review, it appears two shoplifting suspects [...]

The Washington Post Cross-Dressing Shoplifting Story Misfires

Yesterday, the Washington Post published a story about two shoplifting suspects who were shot over the weekend by a Prince George's County police officer. The suspects were shot after they attempted to drive away with the officer's arm lodged in the door of their getaway car. But the Post story was not concerned with the [...]

Cross-Dressing Thief Commits Perfect Crime!

On July 30, a $2,400 Chanel dress was stolen from a Chevy Chase Saks Fifth Avenue store. In a surprising twist—

—the suspect was gender non-conforming! Police, flummoxed, described the thief as "A black man or woman, in his/her 20s, 6 [feet] tall, weighing 160 to 190 pounds. His/her long black hair was worn in thin [...]

The Morning After: Ben Affleck and Mary J Edition

* Hot on the heels of G. Keith Harris: Another guy claiming to have inauguration tickets wants you to be his date. This 46-year-old writes, "I got the call today from a Senator that I have a relationship with for over 10 years that told me I made “The A List”. So far at my [...]