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NOM to Bring Mandatory Heterosexuality Bus Tour to D.C.

This summer, the National Organization for Marriage is launching its "Summer For Marriage" bus tour, a 22-stop jaunt around the Eastern united states in the interest of drumming up support for straight marriage. The tour's motto: "ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN." Does anyone else get the jeebies looking at that graphic? I'm always amazed at how [...]

The 5 Creepiest Cat Massage Videos

Cat massage! It's not just for 'ol "Champion" and his groovy, whisker-alert, cat-lady owner anymore. Plenty of cat owners have submitted their own feline masseuse moves for Internet approval—all of them creepy! I don't know why people who film their in-house cat massages for use as instructional video strike me as so perverse. Maybe it's [...]