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Shark With A Shark Penis In Its Mouth Video Corner

Okay, okay, I know that my newspaper is no longer under the rule of Creative Loafing. But I'm certain that our former owners would have just eaten up "Shark With A Shark Penis In Its Mouth." It's got it all: shark, penis, shark penis. Come to think of it, this video is kind of like [...]

Meet The Tampa “Me” (Also, NSFW Penis Vagina)

Tampa's Creative Loafing Recruits More Bloggers from roblimo on Vimeo.
Last month, posted this video of a blogger meet-up inside the Tampa Creative Loafing offices. Among the attendees at the City Paper parent-company shindig—I spy red solo cups—was Shawn Alff, CL Tampa's "Sex and Love Editor" —me, but more Florida-y. Alff, who has written on [...]

Tomorrow: All Sex. All Day.

Tomorrow, the fate of our alt-weekly's ownership may finally be decided, again.  While Creative Loafing brass are hugging it out in Atlanta bankruptcy court, CP staff will be busy proving that we still deserve our paychecks. We're spending the whole day writing about fucking.
On the Sexist tomorrow: explore D.C.'s massage parlors, porn shops, courthouse weddings, [...]

Nude Co-Workers: Disturbing?

The cover of the August 22, 2007 issue of Creative Loafing Tampa was a doozy. Under the guise of a "newbies" guide to Tampa Bay, the alt-weekly fronts a nude photo of editorial interns Ted Scheinman and Brian Reed. The interns stand in the sparkling depths of a man-made waterfall, their hands posed jauntily on [...]