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Feminine Performance and Thinking Of The Children

"Think of the children" is an argument consistently used to justify adult insecurities. Hate gay marriage? Just argue that it erodes a "child's sense of innocence." Disgusted by sex workers walking the streets in "broad daylight"? Argue that a child could see them. Uncomfortable with people openly discussing alternate sexualities? A [...]

To Latisse, Even Brooke Shields’ Eylashes Are “Not Enough”

The advertising machine for "Latisse," a prescription eyelash treatment which claims to "grow longer, grow fuller and darker lashes," has been grinding for quite some time now. On its Web site, Latisse presents itself as a treatment for hypotrichosis, a condition which causes abnormal hair growth. In television commercials, however, that actual medical condition is [...]

Foundation Index Replaces Lipstick Index As Bullshit Economic Indicator

Breaking girly news from the Financial Times: FT reports that the "Lipstick Index" has been replaced by the "Foundation Index," signaling a shift in female consumers' recession-era makeup of choice.
The "Lipstick Index" was coined by Estee Lauder leader Leonard Lauder in 2001 "to highlight the correlation between economic downturns and upticks in lipstick sales." Now, [...]