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Safety Dance: When A Sexual Assault Allegation Makes Hard Time Harder

Just after midnight on Sept. 8, 2008, D.C. police found Serbennia Chase hiding down the street from the Skylark Lounge strip club covered in her ex-boyfriend’s blood. Chase, who worked at the club as a dancer, admitted to stabbing the man in the neck with a knife outside the club. She was [...]

Eric Holder Misses Deadline For Implementing Prison Rape Standards

Today, June 23, 2010, marks the deadline for Attorney General Eric Holder to finalize the national standards for corrections facilities to address prison rape. And unless Holder's doing some serious cramming right now, he's going to miss it.

Heritage Foundation Manlier Than Thought

Yesterday, we kicked off the Think Tank/Academia portion of our Manliest Workplace in D.C. contest with a hot contest between 1st seed the Heritage Foundation and 8th seed Howard University. The Heritage Foundation won handily with 48 points to Howard's 41. But it turns out there were even more men lurking in the Heritage Foundation's [...]