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Sarah Palin Supporters Talk Feminism

On Saturday, hundreds braved the first snow of the year outside BJ’s Wholesale Club in Fairfax to get a live glimpse at Sarah Palin, there to sign copies of her new memoir, Going Rogue. Having filed into the shopping center’s parking lot, the Palinites were sitting ducks for reporters with questions like this one: What [...]

Ashley Madison’s Conservative Values, an online dating site that facilitates extramarital affairs, has never been too popular among moral conservatives. Earlier this year, Deroy Murdock argued on Human Events that Ashley Madison has edged out gay marriage as the number one threat to traditional matrimony. Now, cluck-clucking conservatives won't have to choose between the cheaters and the gays: [...]

The “Kill Fags” Lady Can’t Pee In D.C.

The Awl's coverage of Saturday's "Tea Bagger" health care protest in Washington produced an interesting little anecdote out of Penn Quarter Sports Tavern: A bar manager telling a woman with "Kill Fags" t-shirt to piss elsewhere.
How long ago was it that a black woman would be denied entrance to a whites-only restroom? Well, at one [...]

Far-Right Anti-Abortion Group Harasses Other Far-Right Anti-Abortionists

What do far-right anti-abortion conservatives do while Democrats busy themselves in Congress and the White House with the economic crisis? They harass each other for not being far enough right and anti-abortion enough.
This time, it's the American Right to Life Action group repeatedly harassing Ann Coulter for her support of Mitt Romney, who is [...]

Liberals Gloat Over Conservative Porn Use

Recently, a study was released by the Harvard Business School showing that "culturally conservative states are America's biggest purchasers of Internet pornography." The revelation gave D.C.'s liberal bloggers an opportunity to descend on their Republican prey like ruthless, moral vultures. Observe: