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Hate Cheaters, Love America: The Commercial

Michigan family lawyer Ryan Hill is so morally outraged by extramarital affair dating website Ashley Madison that he launched the "My Marriage Matters" campaign—and shot this awkward television spot—to bring the cheating service down. The result: Schmaltzy piano, sexy infidelity shots, and Hill doing the Bill Clinton thumb-gesture in front of a waving American flag. [...]

If The Dodge Charger Made Ads For Oppressed Women

Last Superbowl Sunday, Dodge staged a rallying cry for all men who feel oppressed by the demands of the modern heterosexual relationship. "I will put the seat down. I will separate the recycling. I will carry your lipbalm," emasculated Dodge guy announces, before reclaiming his masculinity by getting behind the wheel of a Charger.
What if Dodge focused [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Emasculated Dodge Charger Driver Edition

It seems as if my critique of last night's Superbowl ads struck a nerve with the most loyal fans of the Dodge Charger. These are their stories.

6 Hour Power Secretary Ad: Sexy, Nonsensical

This week, Slate's Ad Report Card attempted to explain the unexplainable: The commercial for the "6 Hour Power" energy drink, which ad-grader Seth Stevenson suggests is possibly "the most sexually explicit ad ever."
Watch the commercial here, please.
After counting down 6 Hour Power's explicit ways ("You rarely see skirts this short or cleavage this prominent outside [...]

The Morning After: Superbowl Ad Edition

As San Francisco Chronicle critic Peter Hartlaub deftly notes, "recent controversies made it more difficult for racier content to make it to your living room, starting with Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show and an upside-down clown that appeared to drink beer from its anus." But though this year, the [...]