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Sexist Internal Business: A Note on Comment Moderation

Hey, have you all noticed a startling absence of comments comparing feminists to Hitler lately? Here's what the hell is going on!

Sexist Comments of the Week: Plastic Surgery Experts Mansplain It All

Why are the vast majority of plastic surgeons male, and the vast majority of plastic surgery patients female? Sexist readers float their theories:

Should The Sexist Moderate Comments?

Currently, The Sexist has no comments policy. You write a comment that isn't trying to sell me penis-enlargement pills, and your words will likely appear in the illustrious forum of the Sexist comments field. Even if your great insight consists only of a racial slur written in all-caps.
This lax approach to comment moderation has, at [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week

On It’s Not Rape If The Sex Offender Is Hot, my response to Gunaxin's list of its 25 favorite female sex offenders (because it couldn't choose just 24):
From David:
This is sort of odd, ’cause their list… the women are really really hot.
So why would women, who can get their pick of the lekking order, want [...]

Sexist Comment of the Week

This one's a two-fer, in response to my post on the omnipresent anti-abortion Metro ads, "Metro Swathed in Anti-Abortion Shame."
Craig Howell writes:
Um, there’s a First Amendment issue here, folks. As a government agency, Metro cannot indulge in viewpoint discrimination. This matter was settled 30 years ago when the courts told Metro it could not refuse [...]

Last Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Please, nobody ever buy me one of these.
1. Menace to Sorority, in which the sorority message-board-dwellers simply cannot quit me.
2. Trans Slammer, in which D.C.'s transgender inmates win some battles, lose others, and gain some very persistent commenters in the process.
3. The Great Mexican Cartoon Porn-Off, Part 3, in which I review Spanish-language cartoon porn [...]

Comment on Obama’s Reversal of the “Conscience Rule”

Health and Human Services published President Obama's official proposal to rescind Bush's "conscience rule" in the Federal Register today. Bush's rule expanded protections for healthcare providers who are morally opposed to performing or aiding in certain procedures—abortions, sterilizations, birth-control prescriptions, treating gays and lesbians, etc.
For the next 30 days, the public is invited to comment [...]

Sexist Comment of the Day

My WordPress software, as if in a loyal attempt to protect me from cogent, well-delivered criticism of my work, quarantined Emily's comment in my spam folder until this morning. Here's what she had to say on The Feminist Mystique: How Election 2008 Killed a Notorious Word:
Feminism is not supposed to be controversial. It is commonsensical, [...]