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Sexist Comments of the Week: “Yo, Gorgeous” Edition

When I was an 18-year-old freshman in college, I was running around some side-streets in a hilly neighborhood when a black SUV pulled up next to me. The driver rolled down his window and started a conversation.
"Hey, how are you?" he said. Friendly enough. He was driving slowly to match my running pace. I kept [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Contraceptive Ignorance Edition

Last week on the Sexist, we discussed the contraceptive knowledge deficit among young men (and I got into the sex ed video business). Readers, bless 'em, chimed in with more "magical" birth control theories they've heard over the years—from both men and women.

Sexist Comments of the Week: Rape and “The Slow, Sick Wildebeest” Edition

There's been some lively discussion this week over at the "Rape Analogy: The 'Walking in a Bad Neighborhood' Theory" thread, which addresses the popular perception that women who wear short skirts and other feminine accoutrements are just asking to be raped.
I'd love to revisit all of these comments—especially the one from the guy who wrote, [...]

Groping Victim: A Prompt Assault Report Does Not Guarantee A Prompt Police Response

In response to the commenter who thought that her story perpetuated the "myth" that sexual assault victims are too traumatized to report their assaults promptly to police, Fairfax groping victim Emily Ruskowski wants to clarify that she did report her grope to police promptly after her 1 a.m. assault—and was told to wait until the [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: The Sexual Assault Trauma “Myth” Edition

Last week on the Sexist, we debuted our final groping instalment (yes, haters, it is really over). In the final column, Falls Church resident Emily Ruskowski is groped in a Metro parking garage, reports the assault the next day, and eventually helps to catch her assailant in a sting operation.
One reader complained that the story [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Emasculated Dodge Charger Driver Edition

It seems as if my critique of last night's Superbowl ads struck a nerve with the most loyal fans of the Dodge Charger. These are their stories.

Sexist Comments of the Week: How Not to “Fat Talk” Edition

In last week's Sexist Beatdown, Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and I discussed the great social dilemma facing girls today. It concerns, of course, "The Fat Talk," a ritual that girls of every size practice in order to keep their self-esteem firmly in check. Behold, the "Fat Talk" Model of Female Friendship:
Girl 1: I am [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Groping Edition

Last week's essay on groping in D.C., "Touch and Go: How Groping Happens," inspired several readers to write in with their own experiences being touched without their consent. More ways groping happens—from the unsolicited arm-over-the-shoulder to the assault from a new father-in-law, after the jump.

Sexist Comments of the Week: Real World Rape Cartoons Edition

Last week, I published a cornucopia of rape cartoons drawn by Real World D.C. cast member Andrew Woods for his college newspaper, the Rocky Mountain Collegian. Woods' comic strip sparked plenty of on-campus controversy at Colorado State University while he was a student there; last week, the controversy over Woods' work hit national TV. On [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: KABBALAH! Edition

Last week, commenters defended boob embroidery, contributed to the campus rape "myth", and  thought of the children. But the comment of the week has to go to Twitter user @KabbalahOregon, a Twitter account devoted to "Keeping It Real and Supporting Those That Keep It REAL! NO FAKES ALLOWED:)" Those That Keep It Real took issue with [...]