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A Very CockBib Christmas

It seems like only yesterday that the CockBib arrived on the adult novelty scene to protect us against the horror of sloppy blow jobs. The CockBib, which is exactly what it sounds like, was always there for us—ready to catch our spittle before it fell upon a man's balls. And I was really hoping that [...]

Original CockBib Inventor Finds Knock-Offs “Offensive, Rude, Degrading”

Things are heating up between rival oral sex novelty item marketers, which bills its product as "the original cock bib," and, which claims to market the "Real CockBib." Jon, proprietor, is familiar with CockBibCrazy's work. He is not impressed. "I originally came up with the idea strictly as a gag gift, like the kinda things [...]

Sexist Comment of the Week: More Cockbib! Edition

Can't get enough of the CockBib (pictured), folks. On The Inventor of the CockBib Speaks Out, Cronin writes:
“Based on my research, most people will buy these because they are funny, not because they are unsatified with a bowjob.”
Research? You mean to say you have a demographic breakdown somewhere that gives you clear numbers on what [...]

Last Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts

The Sexist is out for the weekend, so we're wrapping things up a little early this week. Today, kick off your Memorial Day holiday early by tying on a CockBib, throwing on some denim jeans, and blasting that new Jamie Foxx joint on the radio. Also, the Sexist reached its 1,000th blog post this week, [...]

The Inventor of the “CockBib” Speaks Out

Earlier this week, I introduced you to the world of the "CockBib," and the men who wear them to maintain ball sac dryness—and hilarity!—during oral sex.
I finally tracked down the Inventor of the CockBib after several CockBib fans (including one named, oddly enough, "Amanda Hess") posted very positive CockBib reviews on my blog, [...]