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For Better. For Worse. For Profit?

This week, I wrote the paper's cover story on the gay wedding business that's popped up in the District since same-sex marriages were legalized in March, and how local businesses are competing for a piece of the pie. Pick up a paper or read it online here.

Celebrate Gay Marriage In D.C. With A Heteronormative Haircut!

City Paper contributor Trey Graham subscribes to Living Social, a Web site that alerts him to daily deals in the D.C. area. Today—the first day that gay couples in D.C. can legally be married—LivingSocial offered Graham a very special discount at Too Hotties Haircuts, an Alexandria-based salon for "manly men" who aren't into all that [...]

City Paper‘s Best of D.C. Poll: Get Your Sex Preferences On

The Washington City Paper's Best Of D.C. reader's poll debuts today, and we're inviting District residents to file their favorites in the worlds of food, drink, shopping—and, of course, the commercialized end of sex. Need some inspiration? Let's revisit some ghosts of Sexist past for possible nominees in the poll's sex-related categories, from Best Strip [...]

City Paper‘s Best Of D.C. Issue Out Today

The Washington City Paper's second Best Of D.C. issue since 1987 hits newsstands today. Since this is our staff's second Best Of, we're honoring the District's second-bests in 2009. My picks—including "Second-Best Strip Club Excuse," "Second-Best Item of Clothing to Remove at a Gay Bar," and "Second-Best George Mason Personality" (pictured)—are after the jump.

The City Paper Reviews “Saddlebacking”

Last week, sex columnist extraordinaire Dan Savage gave Rick Warren the Rick Santorum treatment by turning his life into a code-word for a sex act. "Saddlebacking," named after Warren's California Saddleback Church, will henceforth signify "the phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve their virginities." (Santorum, incidentally, means "The [...]

Don’t Fucking Tell Me To Smile, Baby

Origin: Metro stops, Metro buses, sidewalks, major thoroughfares, porches and verandas (in warmer weather).
Generally considered one of the more innocuous permutations of the Street Harasser, the Smile, Baby Guy is nevertheless suitably condescending and often persistent. His tactic is seemingly straightforward: as you pass his field of vision, he will note [...]

Podcast: Five Minutes* You’ll Never Get Back

Welcome back to another edition of Five Minutes* You'll Never Get Back, City Paper's sex and politics podcast. This week, City Lights Editor Mike Riggs and I discuss the pros and cons of cinema's most recent abstinence-only vegetarian tween vampire phenomenon, Twilight. (Our usual cohort, Intern Bobby, gets a pass this week).

Topics discussed: Jane Austen, [...]

Tomorrow: Live-Blogging The Election

Tomorrow, I'll be blogging live from spots around the city on City Paper's homepage. I'll also be twittering every step of the way. Join the Washington City Paper's twitter feed—updated live on our website—by tweeting to #dcvotes. See you tomorrow!
Photo by Perla*

Podcast: Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back

Welcome to the new City Paper podcast, "Five Minutes* You'll Never Get Back." Each Tuesday, City Lights Editor Mike Riggs and I will go head to head on current issues of sex, media, and politics (but mostly sex). What will you get for your five minutes?
- Sexy/Unsexy, in which we praise, shame last week's talking [...]