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But If You’re Wearing A Veil, How Will I Know That You’re Smiling, Baby?

In Christopher Hitchens' impassioned defense of the French veil ban, he claims that veils are, in practice, "a ban on the right of all citizens to look one another in the face." Where, oh where, have I heard this dubious "right" to the faces of others claimed before? Oh! Hitchens is channeling the Smile, Baby [...]

The Morning After: Ex-Gay Christopher Hitchens Edition

* Christopher Hitchens: Ex-gay, kind of! In his forthcoming memoir, the writer who does not think this is very funny refers to his continued sexual relations with men—past his regular gay dalliances at boarding school—as a "relapse":
''Every now and then, even though I was by then fixed on the pursuit of young women, a [...]

Sexist Comment of the Week

From Fatimah, on "Why Are People Who Argue That Women Aren't Funny Not Funny?" comes this gem:
"I want to suck [Christopher] Hitchens’ slimy, fat, bigot cock, then bite it off and feed it to a mangy dog."
This comment made me say: "eew," "ouch," and "yes." In that order.
Anybody want to try beating that?
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Why Are People Who Argue Women Aren’t Funny Not Funny?

Christopher Hitchens, rare funny arguer of the unfunny female
Bored magazine columnists have debated for years as to why women are, or are not, funny.  Inspired by Tiger Beatdown's post yesterday on another drop in the unfunny girl barrel—a study that found that women do not immediately react to the sight of a unicycle with humor [...]

The Morning After: Don’t Recognize the Sound of My Own Voice Edition

Well, hello, there. Sorry if things have been sparse here as of late. I awoke yesterday with peculiarly large lymph nodes and  inner ears that seem to have gone scuba diving without my permission. But I'm hopping off to one ye olde urgent care center cold & flu mill this morning, where a medical doctor [...]