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The Top 5 Abstinence-Only Music Videos

If the Christian Side-Hug has taught us anything, it's that Christians and non-Christians alike can be united by the power of song. Sure, we may not be able to agree on what satire means, or  the reality of the side-hug, or whether or not the side-hug rap is the Modest Proposal of the new millenium. [...]

A Guide to Gay Wedding Discrimination

Catholic Block: Church fights to keep weddings swinging one way.
The authors of the D.C. gay marriage bill are sensitive folks. While they’re eager to grant gays and lesbians the right to get hitched in the District, they don’t want to upset conservative churches in town. So they threw an exemption into the pending gay-marriage bill [...]

Gay Demon Exorcism Video Corner

Some think homosexuality is a choice. Others believe it's a social construct. And still more think that same-sex sexual attraction is the work of homosexual demons let loose by Lucifer, the Associate Press reports.
In this video from Manifested Glory Ministries, 16-year-old hyperventilates, vomits, and writhes on the floor while church members attempt to exercise the [...]

Jesus License Plates: A Proposition We Can All Believe In

Last month, Virginia liberals were up in arms over the state's proposal to offer a "Choose Life" vanity plate option at the DMV. On March 30, Gov. Tim Kaine signed the plates into law.
Now, a new proposition would allow Florida drivers to choose Christ. Drivers could also choose Cross In Front of Stained Glass. When [...]