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The Morning After: Snow Job Edition

* Porn performer Aurora Snow is also filing updates from the Stagliano obscenity trial. Her take: The prosecution hates fun:

Reader Beatdown: Why Street Harassment Isn’t a “Bad Neighborhood” Problem

Chloe Angyal has been cat-called all over the world. She's been harassed on the streets of Sydney, Paris, Bali, and New York, in the suburbs and on her stoop, near taco trucks and on college campuses. In this edition of Reader Beatdown, Sexist reader and feminist writer Angyal writes that street harassment happens everywhere—and that claiming [...]

The Morning After: Dana Scully Edition

* The Chronicle of Higher Education on how pop culture figures can inspire "people of working-class backgrounds to pursue academic careers":

Female Orgasms, Skinny Girls, and Feminist Cognitive Dissonance

Lately, I've written a bit on how feminist women are forced to engage in some cognitive dissonance in order to satisfy two conflicting parts of ourselves: The part that wants to dismantle the patriarchy, and the part that must live in it. This weekend, I read pieces by two feminist writers that shed some light [...]

Reader Beatdown: On “Thick Skin”

New feature alert! Introducing Reader Beatdown, in which Sexist readers respond. The Sexist is lucky to benefit from readers who are also writers. In Reader Beatdown, I'll publish pieces that offer a different take on recent Sexist topics.
First up: Sexist reader and feminist blogger Chloe Angyal responds to Sexist Comments of the Week: [...]