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Sexist Beatdown: Sad Parent Edition

In Jennifer Senior's New York Magazine piece on recent research into the joylessness of parenting, Senior recalls a time when her beloved 2-year-old son dismantled a wooden garage then proceeded to chuck the wooden planks at her head, leading Senior to turn to booze. But does it make her happy?

The Morning After: Masculinity Crisis Edition

* Figleaf points us to the myth that masculinity is perpetually "in crisis," from Rip Van Winkle onward.

Your Decrepit Ovaries May Be Sabotaging Your Career

As a 24-year-old woman who hasn't yet hit the dreaded Fertility Death Zone of life after 30, perhaps I'm not in the position to be amused by this Washington Post headline:

. . . But allow me to ignore the cries of my soon-to-be decrepit ladyparts for a moment in order to re-write this headline [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Racist Babies Edition

Would your child welcome black Santa down the chimney?
Bad news, parents: YOUR BABY IS PROBABLY A RACIST, and that means that you've got a whoooole lot of explaining to do. According to a Newsweek cover story, studies show that children as young as six months old "judge people based on skin color." And children as [...]

This Week In Sexist History: Bathing Beauties Edition

Newspaper stories from the good old days say the darndest things. So every week on the Sexist, let’s take a ride on journalism’s way-back machine, to a time when beach-bound girls were sexy, confident, and refreshingly childlike!
This Week In Sexist History:

Teen Sex Scandal!

Cell Phones: Not just for Sexting!
Drumming up a good teen sex scandal for the nightly news ain’t what it used to be. A couple decades ago, a news anchor could scare the shit out of some parents by just turning to the camera and posing a question: “It’s 10 o’clock. Parents, do you know where [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Bad Mother > Abortionist > Childless Edition

For this edition of "Sexist Beatdown," Sady (of Tiger Beatdown) and myself (of the Sexist) would like to extend a warm invitation to all men, children, good mothers, and bad mothers (abortionists will be tolerated, but the childless will be ignored).
This week, up for discussion is Ayelet Waldman: wife to Michael Chabon, mother to four, [...]