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The Morning After: Porn Signature Edition

* In her final dispatch on the Buttman trial, porn director and performer Aurora Snow claims that LAPD Det. Michael Ozaki, a witness for the prosecution, is a fan:

Sexist Beatdown: Rape or Art? Edition

Roman Polanski is free again: A victory for art, intellectualism, European sexual mores, and French dudes with a column on HuffPo, no? Um, no—all attempts to hide a convicted rapist who fled sentencing under a pile of shiny Oscar statuettes will not fool Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and I! For, as Sady explains in [...]

Cracking Down on Human Trafficking in D.C.

Last week, Mayor Adrian Fenty signed the Prohibition Against Human Trafficking Act [PDF] into law. The law will increase penalties for human trafficking in the District, provide services to victims, and mandate the collection of comprehensive data on human trafficking in D.C. Here are some highlights of how the bill will change D.C.'s approach to [...]

Sexist Beatdown: “Sexting” Edition

Oversize foam cell phone lures underage phone users into illicit world of fwded nudity
Parents! Do you know what felonies your tweens could be committing with their very own cellular telephones, and what stupid name the you will coin in order to facillitate freaking out to the newsmedia? Hint: the felony is "child pornography," and the [...]