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FOX News Compares Raping Child to Losing Olympic Bid

Dan Gainor of FOX News has had it up to here with the mainstream media! No, not FOX News: The other mainstream media. "Excuses, excuses from the mainstream media for everything from child-rape to the Letterman using the office as a dating service to explaining why the president failed to win the Olympics!" Gainor opines [...]

Library Conference Secret Twitter Proves Librarians Sexy, Stern

When the American Library Association's annual conference kicked off in Chicago last Thursday, some attendees wanted the world to know that librarian get-togethers aren't all about shushing and stacking: There's a lot of fucking, too.

The True Price of Prostitution

In last month's "Capital Ideas," a publication of the Chicago Booth school of Business, Steven Levitt gives the Freakonomics treatment to Chicago-area prostitution. The conceit of "Trading Tricks," as with Levitt's examination of the inner-city drug trade [PDF], is that prostitution is a market like any other.
Levitt, along with Columbia University professor Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh, [...]