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Hate Cheaters, Love America: The Commercial

Michigan family lawyer Ryan Hill is so morally outraged by extramarital affair dating website Ashley Madison that he launched the "My Marriage Matters" campaign—and shot this awkward television spot—to bring the cheating service down. The result: Schmaltzy piano, sexy infidelity shots, and Hill doing the Bill Clinton thumb-gesture in front of a waving American flag. [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Mistresses, And the Cheaters Who Hate Them Edition

In ye olden times, the kept woman enjoyed a high social status, so long as she did not endeavor unto the dark arts of pornographie and erotic dancing.
Mistresses! Whenever a public figure takes one as a secret lover, Society at Large is obligated to publicly shame this woman for her untoward behavior. But just [...]

Dr. Laura’s Hyper-Mongamous Tips: No Talking Outside Marriage

It's time for more Dr. Laura YouTube fun! This time, Dr. Laura Schlessinger answers the age-old question: Can (hetero) men and women be "just friends"?

One Percent of People Think Elin Nordegren Woods is the Most Admired Woman In America

According to a new Gallup poll,  Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America. Barely. Clinton's runner-up, Sarah Palin, almost knocked the Secretary of State from the most-admired perch she's assumed 14 times. If you think that's sad, check out the also-rans:

“Swing It Again, Elin!” In Sweden, Domestic Violence Is Girl Power

Sweden, a nation that has managed to avoid war for over 200 years, has nevertheless been quick to condone overseas agression in one recent conflict: Stockholm-born Elin Nordegren's reportedly golf-club assisted assault on her philandering husband, Tiger Woods. Today on the Daily Beast, Katarina Andersson noted how some prominent Swedish media types have reacted to [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Jolene, and Music’s Other “Other Women”

Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me"
Woman: Bitchy brunette cheerleader Taylor Swift
Other Woman: Geeky glasses-wearing Taylor Swift
Hey, ladies. It's time for another edition of Sexist Beatdown. Up for discussion this morning are girls who hate on other girls when a man gets in the way, and then write pop songs about it. As always, your hosts [...]

Ashley Madison’s Conservative Values, an online dating site that facilitates extramarital affairs, has never been too popular among moral conservatives. Earlier this year, Deroy Murdock argued on Human Events that Ashley Madison has edged out gay marriage as the number one threat to traditional matrimony. Now, cluck-clucking conservatives won't have to choose between the cheaters and the gays: [...]

Ashley Madison Pro-Cheating Advertising Hits D.C.

Ashley Madison, the online social network for men and women seeking extra-marital affairs, has had trouble landing its advertisements (above) on television and radio. So they've dumped their pro-cheating ads on the side of Remy Santiago's gasoline truck. On Friday, Santiago's cheatin' truck rolled through D.C., and settled in one location for about an hour. [...]

Meet the Don Draper Who Doesn’t Cheat on His Wife

Like many people, I harbor a modest fascination with Mad Men's Don Draper and his charmingly misogynistic web of lies. I wonder what Don Draper would tweet about, if he lived in 2009?

Super boring shit, apparently! Oh yeah: And Don Draper would never be pathetic enough to stoop to social networking. This guy, however, looks [...]

The 1865 New York Times Loves A Cat Fight

In researching for this week's This Week In Sexist History, I came across this female vigilante justice gem from the July 11, 1865 edition of the New York Times. The media's obsession with a good cat fight dates back at least 144 years, when imprisoned philanderer and saloon owner Dan Sullivan and rumored home-wrecker "Mrs. [...]