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Therese Shechter on Losing Your Virginity

Ever had a sexual experience? Then welcome to the magical world of "virginity," where a white wedding dress can restore a sexually-active 40-something's innocence, a set of pigtails can turn even the most experienced porn performer chaste, and a new hymen can be shipped from China for about 30 bucks. Documentary filmmaker Therese Shechter explores [...]

An Illustrated History of Male Chastity Devices

Tired of chastity-saving devices that focus solely on the female market? So was Mardid inventor Gines Sanchez Gomez, who patented his padlocked chastity tube in 2004. "The medieval apparatus named chastity belt it is well known as way to control sexual activity of women," Gomez wrote. But the male chastity device has [...]

The Magnetic Fields’ Cynical Pseudo-Feminist Anthems

Last week, I wrote a guest post for ladyblog BFF Tiger Beatdown on the many break-up songs of the Magnetic Fields. The Magnetic Fields have figured out a fun little trick that allows them to keep churning out interesting tracks in the heavily clichéd relationship-ending genre, which is: Keep the clichés, but filter them through [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: OMG THE SIDE HUG IS SATIRE Edition

Last week, we examined the Christian Side-Hug, an advanced chastity maintenance mechanism which allows people to hug one other without the fear of primary or secondary sex characteristics accidentally touching. The side-hug has been around since Mary wasn't full-frontaling Joseph, but Christian groups have only recently turned to aggressively marketing the move to youth in [...]

The Top 5 Abstinence-Only Music Videos

If the Christian Side-Hug has taught us anything, it's that Christians and non-Christians alike can be united by the power of song. Sure, we may not be able to agree on what satire means, or  the reality of the side-hug, or whether or not the side-hug rap is the Modest Proposal of the new millenium. [...]

The Christian Side-Hug: “Front Hugs Be Too Sinful”

Attention, Christian kids: If you like not having sex, not speaking the Lord's name in vain, and not being gay, then you'll love the newest trend in policing typical adolescent behaviors in the name of God. It's called the The Christian Side-Hug, and it's here to help the devout avoid the temptation of full frontal [...]