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The Morning After: Phyllis Schlafly’s Money Edition

* D.C. Mayoral candidate Leo Alexander only has 700 bucks in the war chest, and $200 of it came from Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum. That's rough, dude.

The Morning After: Father Knows Best Edition

Patriarchal family values porn.
* Just in time for Father's Day, WorldNetDaily has republished David Kupelian's column on how refusing to acknowledge male superiority is hurting men:

The Morning After: Gays Against Gays Edition

* The New York Times profiles Eve Tushnet, a "celibate, gay, conservative, Catholic writer" opposed to same-sex marriage:

To Avoid Funding Gay Marrieds, Catholic Charities Denies Benefits to All Spouses

The Archdiocese of Washington has been battling the D.C. government for the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians since D.C.'s same-sex marriage legislation got rolling last year.
One major point of contention: Once gays and lesbians are allowed to marry, the Archdiocese—which employs plenty of locals through Catholic Charities—will be required to provide health benefits [...]

How Catholic University’s Gay Student Group Survives Without Talking Marriage, Sex, or Politics

Last week, the Washington Post profiled Catholic University's very unofficial gay group, CUAllies. The group, whose mission is "Making Catholic U Safer for GLBTQ Students," was denied official student group status last summer. According to Catholic U. spokesperson Victor Nakas, recognizing the group would have forced the university to support "positions contrary to church teachings." [...]

Is the Pope’s Right Hand Man Hot or Just Suspected to be Gay?

Last weekend, Time Magazine declared Georg Gänswein, Pope Benedict's personal secretary, a "heartthrob." Over the course of the piece, Time sketched a profile of the 51-year-old adviser to the pontiff using the following descriptors:

Catholic University Gets Tougher on Sexual Assault, Remains Tough on Sex

The Catholic University of America (CUA) this summer revised its student rules to clarify that the school condemns sexual assault more strongly than consensual sex. The change to the policy, which became official July 27, comes in the aftermath of litigation questioning the propriety and effectiveness of the university’s longtime regulations.
Prior to the change, the [...]

Bikini Embracing Father Albert Cutie Gives Advice to the Married

Father Albert Cutie, the Catholic priest caught embracing a bikini-clad woman whom he loves, looks like he would be a very good husband, except for one thing: he is secretly not a male virgin married to God, which everyone knows is the only class of human qualified to give advice to married people.
Cutie (am I [...]

The Secret Sex Life of the Catholic University of America

This week, I wrote a cover story for the paper on the sex life at the Catholic University of America, the official U.S. university of the Catholic Church. The Washington, D.C. school bans all behavior that is "inconsistent with the teaching and moral values of the Catholic Church"—including premarital sex, condom use, masturbation, and sexual [...]

Anti-Abortion Feminism Quote of the Day

In the Washington Post, Kathleen Parker writes on the Notre Dame Barack Obama abortionist love-fest speaker scandal:
Abortion, after all, is settled law, and Obama is the duly elected president. Clearly, the American people have moved on.
Or have they? And should we? Is there really ever a time when we should be comfortable with the ratification [...]