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The Morning After: Masculinity Crisis Edition

* Figleaf points us to the myth that masculinity is perpetually "in crisis," from Rip Van Winkle onward.

College Sex Columnist On Masturbation, Money Shots, and Scandalized Grandmothers

This year, the University of Mary Washington's student newspaper, The Bullet, crowned a new sex columnist for its long-running sex column, "Sexclamations." Since taking the helm, 19-year-old freshman Erin Hill has tackled such campus-ready topics as female masturbation, representation in pornography, and pubic hair choices (an area of particular Sexist interest).
Over the past couple of [...]

The Year In Consent

Lessons learned from 2009’s high-profile rape cases.
This was the year of the armchair rape analyst (ARA). If you’ve never run into such a person, here’s a job description: While men across the globe generate allegations of rape, ARAs are charged with casually dismissing the problem from the comfort of their living rooms. They sit back, [...]

How Catholic University’s Gay Student Group Survives Without Talking Marriage, Sex, or Politics

Last week, the Washington Post profiled Catholic University's very unofficial gay group, CUAllies. The group, whose mission is "Making Catholic U Safer for GLBTQ Students," was denied official student group status last summer. According to Catholic U. spokesperson Victor Nakas, recognizing the group would have forced the university to support "positions contrary to church teachings." [...]

Catholic University Denies LGBT Support Group on Campus

Yesterday, local Catholic university Georgetown took on LGBT acceptance at the really Catholic local U., the Catholic University of America.
Gergetown student newspaper the Hoya detailed the efforts of a CUA student group that's attempting to gain official recognition from the school's administration. The group, "CUAllies," is an unofficial support group for LGBT students on CUA's [...]

Catholic University Bans Sex On Campus, Newspapers Discussing Sex on Campus

This week, Catholic University newspaper the Tower reported that the Washington City Paper would no longer be made available on the school's campus. In fact, the paper has been gone from the CUA campus since May 7th, the day that my story on CUA's campus sex ban, Screw U: Inside the Secret Sex Life of [...]

Name That Consent Porn!

Kids today are taking more sexual cues from Internet porn, GQ reports. Parents are frightened because their teenagers are gang-banging and ejaculating on each others' faces. GQ is disappointed because its aged readership can't get in on the fun. Personally, I'm pretty freaked out that "Travis and Cody, typical 21-year-old college students in Florida," find [...]

Back to (LGBT Friendly?) School

Before D.C.-area colleges welcome back their undergraduates from summer vacation, let's give the schools a little test of our own. Campus Pride's LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index rates four-year colleges and universities around the country based on their "LGBT-Friendly policies, programs and practices." The index surveys schools on eight subject areas (click through for survey [...]

Glory Holes: The College Years

Fall From Glory: George Washington University's Corcoran Hall
Anonymous public sex ain't as public—or anonymous—as it used to be. In the past ten years, private Internet hook-ups have all but eliminated the need for old-fashioned public toe-tapping meet-ups. In the meantime, some infamous incidents have helped raise awareness about the dangers of initiating anonymous public [...]

Julia Allison: The Original Catholic Sex Columnist

Having recently written a story about the sex and repression at the Catholic University of America, I was interested to read Vox Populi's interview with D.C.'s most infamous Catholic sex writer, Julia Allison. Allison graduated from Georgetown in 2004, where she wrote “Sex on the Hilltop,” the Hoya's first sex column—and quite possibly the [...]