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D.C.’s Most Harassing Neighborhoods

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For the past few months, street harassment blog Holla Back DC has been charting incidents of harassment by neighborhood on the blog's Google map. Examining D.C.'s cat-calls, honks, and gropes on the level of the neighborhood—and even the intersection—is an important tool for women who walk. For some, [...]

Why Female Bikers Get Harassed

Yesterday, local cat-calling chronicler Hollaback DC asked for some street-harassment intel: "Have you been harassed on your bike in the DC Metro area?" According to Hollaback, "We have received several stories from individuals who have been harassed by a biker, but have yet to hear from any folks who have been harassed while biking."
The inquiry [...]

The Audacity of Spokes

This weekend, I bought a new bicycle over at Phoenix Bikes, which I hear from a reliable source is D.C.'s best bike shop. The acquisition was an important one for me—I'm poor green, so I don't drive a car. And I haven't ridden a bike in earnest since I rocked a purple mountainy thing out [...]