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CVS: Where “Freed” Condoms Go To Die

At, CVS' Adams Morgan location, some condoms remain locked.
Three years ago, if you were to walk into a CVS store in search of condoms, you’d face about a 50 percent chance of hitting a brick wall. In 2006, 22 of about 50 CVS stores in the District of Columbia were guarding their condoms under lock [...]

An Open Letter to CVS “Sensitive Lady Products” Salespeople

Sensitive Man Products need not be locked behind glass doors

To the Employees of Several Washington-Area CVS Stores:
I understand that your CEO, Thomas Ryan, has stated that the CVS name stands for "Convenience, Value, and Service." This letter takes issue with the third.
It has recently come to my attention, upon purchasing Sensitive Lady Products at several [...]

Stank Eye: Causing Unplanned Pregnancies Since the Invention of Condoms

I've written pretty extensively on how pharmacists can exert power over their customer's contraceptive use. I've reported on pharmacists who restrict birth control by hewing to Catholic tradition; by refusing to talk; by extolling the virtues of "natural family planning"; and by writing absurd run-arounds into their policies.
Now, Shark-Fu of Angry Black Bitch and [...]

Bitter Pill: How the District’s Pharmacies Fail Women

In the District, Pharmacists: Rubber. Women: Glue.
For most professionals, an acceptable excuse is required to miss work: a swollen appendix, ailing grandmother, whiplash, at the very least.
Pharmacists, on the other hand, may refuse to do their jobs for any old reason—or for none at all. We're talking about birth control, of course. In the District, [...]

Last Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Virgin Vampire Edition

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Capitol Pill: Rite Aid

Capitol Pill is a feature which tracks contraception access in D.C. pharmacies.

Rite Aid, 1306 U St. NW (and various). (202) 328-8761.
With over 4,900 drugstores in 31 states and the District of Columbia, Rite Aid’s chain of pharmacies stands to dispense a lot of birth control. It’s also prepared for contraception hang-ups. Rite Aid spokesperson Cheryl [...]

Capitol Pill: Mt. Pleasant Pharmacy

Capitol Pill is a feature with tracks contraception access in D.C. pharmacies.

Mt. Pleasant Pharmacy, 3169 Mount Pleasant St. NW.
Mount Pleasant Pharmacy offers up copies, keys, passports, faxes, and a wheel of sunglasses in addition to its standard arsenal of prescription drugs. The contraceptive options here are similarly comprehensive. Though this 25-year-old independent outfit can [...]

Capitol Pill: Wellington Pharmacy

Capitol Pill is a new feature which tracks contraception access in D.C. pharmacies.

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Wellington Pharmacy, 1160 Varnum St. NE
Wellington Pharmacy is affiliated with Providence Hospital, which is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, which is affiliated with a God who isn’t too hot on contraception. Wellington acknowledges that birth control pills are sometimes prescribed [...]

Capitol Pill: Tschiffely Pharmacy

Capitol Pill is a new feature which tracks contraception access in D.C. pharmacies.

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Tschiffely Pharmacy, 1330 Connecticut Ave. NW.
A call to quaint Dupont Circle outfit Tschiffely Pharmacy, provider of prescription drugs and curios, produces mixed results. The pharmacist on hand says Tschiffely fills birth control pills and provides Plan B over the [...]

Capitol Pill: Planned Parenthood

Capitol Pill is a new feature which tracks contraception access in D.C. pharmacies.

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Planned Parenthood's Schumacher Health Center, 1108 16th St. NW.
This 16th St. clinic, a stone's throw from the White House, is the area's leading source for affordable women's health care, birth control, and abortion services. For the same reasons, the center falls [...]