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The Morning After: Threatened Marriage Edition

* NOM's nationwide "One Man, One Woman" bus tour takes a turn: Dude with sign voices support for lynching gays.

The Morning After: Soft-Core Skeleton Edition

*Broadsheet's Tracy Clark-Flory reports on an X-ray manufacturer's foray into the pin-up market. Clark-Flory's take: "damn, these skele-girls got femurs for daaays. As the Weekly Vice suggests, I guess the message here is that beauty isn't skin deep, after all. Or something." I think the real message here is that even Skeletors can look [...]

The Morning After: Masculinity Crisis Edition

* Figleaf points us to the myth that masculinity is perpetually "in crisis," from Rip Van Winkle onward.

The Morning After: Atlas Sucked Edition

* "Atlas Shrugged," the movie, as imagined by Sady Doyle:

An Open Letter to Dumb Sluts

Yesterday, Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote an open letter on Broadsheet to all the "celebrities" who appear in leaked sex tapes. Short version: You are all dumb sluts.
She begins:

Rima Fakih, Beauty Pageants and the Virgin-Whore Dichotomy

On Sunday evening, Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA 2010. By morning, her reign had already been tarnished by the requisite beauty queen sex scandal. Photos had surfaced of the now-24-year-old Fakih dancing on a stripper pole in a local radio event titled "Stripper 101." But as Broadsheet's Tracy Clark-Flory notes, Fakih's "official Miss USA [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Mad Men, Child Rape, and the Problem With Sex Speculation

Was Kater Gordon fired following a gay lawnmower pee accident?
Last week, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner fired Emmy-winning writer Kater Gordon. The week before that, Late Night comedian David Letterman admitted to having sexual affairs with women on his staff. The week before that, film director Roman Polanski was finally detained after raping the 13-year-old [...]

Prevent Abortion By Selling Babies!

In this Bloggingheads conversation between BeliefNet's Steven Waldman and Slate's William Saletan, two dudes demonstrate why two dudes should not film themselves talking off-the-cuff about abortion for an hour. They call the segment "Two Men, No Uteruses." Waldman and Saletan putting their headsets together to figure out how to convince women not to be so [...]

Why Are People Who Argue Women Aren’t Funny Not Funny?

Christopher Hitchens, rare funny arguer of the unfunny female
Bored magazine columnists have debated for years as to why women are, or are not, funny.  Inspired by Tiger Beatdown's post yesterday on another drop in the unfunny girl barrel—a study that found that women do not immediately react to the sight of a unicycle with humor [...]

Chris Brown Rihanna Assault Reenactment: Activism or Voyeurism? has staged a video reenactment of Chris Brown's assault of Rihanna, based on details from the police report. The video features two fresh-faced white teenagers (not the celeb look-a-likes) miming the fight while a narrator reads from the police detective's account of the incident: