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The Morning After: “SUV of Male Privilege” Edition

More from Tiger Beatdown on manlit: This time, Garland Grey on the role of privilege in co-opting Jane Austen, a la Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:
Austen had to work very hard to hammer out a structure and a flow and a rhythm to the story, and you pull up next to that process in [...]

Rima Fakih, Beauty Pageants and the Virgin-Whore Dichotomy

On Sunday evening, Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA 2010. By morning, her reign had already been tarnished by the requisite beauty queen sex scandal. Photos had surfaced of the now-24-year-old Fakih dancing on a stripper pole in a local radio event titled "Stripper 101." But as Broadsheet's Tracy Clark-Flory notes, Fakih's "official Miss USA [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Avian Teen Sexidemic Edition

Miley Cyrus' new video features avian headware, backup dancer eye-fucking, tortured visual imagery representing puberty, and copious Auto-Tune. Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and I respond.

Sexist Beatdown: How Beyonce In A Cop Outfit = Feminism Now Edition

Pre-post-post-feminism was marked by elaborate personality-based costumes
Sady of Tiger Beatdown and I were totally prepared to have a Very Serious Discussion Concerning Our Feelings on the Defense Of Marriage Act and Why Obama Was Or Was Not A Dick About It (VSDCOFOTDOMAAWOWOWNADAI) today.
But then we read this awesome piece by Steve Haruch, dude in Texas, [...]

A Hierarchy of Date-Rape Jams

[View a full-sized version here].
I've been writing a lot about date rape in popular culture lately, particularly in music. Most of my treatment has involved parsing the lyrics of popular songs with rape-scenario undertones: Asher Roth's soft indictment of college date rape; A Tribe Called Quest's anti-date rape, menstruation-joke opus; Slick Rick's anal-themed rape song. [...]

Date Rape Anthem: Britney Spears’ “Blur”

Date Rape Anthem: Britney Spears' "Blur"
Relevant Lyrics:
Who are you? What'd we do, last night?
Hey, yeah, yeah
Who are you? What'd we do, last night?
Hey, yeah, yeah
Can't remember what I did last night
Maybe I shouldn't have given in
But I just couldn't fight
Hope I didn't but I think I might've
Everything, everything is still a blur
Why It's So Rapey: [...]

Daily Palin: 2012 Obama Crushing Edition

Cruuuuush heeeer
IF SHE DID RUN, HE WOULD CRUSH HER, a new poll finds [PDF]. "A new national [Public Policy Polling] poll finds that nominating Palin could be a death wish for the party, with Barack Obama leading Palin 55-35 in a hypothetical contest. The key reason Palin would lose to Obama by so much is [...]

Gorilla Up-Skirt Confirms Baby’s Sex

The rest of the National Zoo's gorilla population is not amused.
The Washington Post reports today that the baby gorilla born in the National Zoo on Jan. 10 is a baby girl. A zoo spokesperson said it took zookeepers a full three weeks to determine the sex of the gorilla; post-birth, the "hairy arm" [...]

Britney Spears Praise Jesus Sexy Comeback Video Corner

In honor of Britney Spears gracing the Verizon Center with her presence next March, and my undying love for her, even in her "Chaotic" days, and it being Friday, please join me as I drink in the fruits of Brit-Brit's rehab, and cross-my-fingers knock-on-wood never-washing-this-Mouseketeers-jersey-again hope that she's all better now. Come, let us pray: