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Sexist Beatdown: Palin Family Anecdote or “Paylin” Porn Plot? Edition

Listen up, teens: Guess what happens when you get teen pregnant, you're not allowed to have a smushmortion, and you can't figure out how to secretly swap your fetus into your mother's aging but willing womb. Umm . . . you get rewarded with an eccentric celebrity handler and sexy undies shots in Vanity Fair? [...]

David Letterman Protesters Prefer Leno, Hate Sluts

Protesters—15 of 'em!—who gathered outside a Late Show With David Letterman taping yesterday had a hard time finding a consistent message.

Letterman Apologizes (Again), Palin Accepts

David Letterman apologized to Sarah Palin and her family last night for telling that joke. Palin accepted, saying:
Of course it's accepted on behalf of young women, like my daughters, who hope men who 'joke' about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve.
Letterman certainly has the right to 'joke' about whatever he wants [...]

Sarah Palin And the “Hypocrisy” Trap

It is a simple formula for both comedy and political commentary:
Take a public figure (Sarah Palin) who holds disagreeable views (abstinence-only education). Zero in on an aspect of her personal life counter to those views (her own teen daughter, Bristol Palin, becoming pregnant). Reveal the comedic irony and/or hypocrisy of the public/private contrast. Repeat ad [...]

Sarah Palin Makes Case For Abortion

That's what Ruth Marcus claims in today's Washington Post, quoting Sarah Palin's remarks from a—what else—a pro-life fundraiser. At the dinner, Palin discussed her "choice" to have a child with Down syndrome  at the age of 44—a choice that, as Marcus points out, Palin wants to deny other women. Marcus is miffed that right-to-lifers like [...]

Levi Johnston Hits Tyra, Victimizes Self

And we've got the whole, non-white-trashy thing on tape:
Sarah Seltzer for Reproductive Health Reality Check wonders if Levi is a "victim" in the Palin spotlight. "The Internet is buzzing over Levi Johnston's appearance on Tyra yesterday to 'break his silence,' and providing us all with a reminder that patriarchal policies like abstinence-only education hurt young [...]

Levi Johnson on Tyra Banks

There are no words. [Via].

Daily Pain: 24th Most Beautiful Lady Politician Edition

Stare into those 24th-most-beautiful eyes
NUMBER 24: The Daily Mail reports on a poll ranking the world's most beautiful lady politicians. The poll was conducted by Spain's " 20 Minutos" newspaper, so, whatever. Peruvian congresswoman Luciana Leon is the most beautiful. Of the 54 women on the list, Palin currently ranks 24th, with 3,173 votes. At [...]

Daily Palin: Sarah Vs. Blogger Edition

UT OH:Anchorage blogger Linda Kellen Biegel, who goes by the name Celtic Diva has filed an ethics complaint with the state's Attorney General, alleging that Palin promoted First Dude Iron Dog sponsor "Arctic Cat Inc." while representing the state of Alaska by covering herself in head-to-toe Arctic Cat gear at the start of this year's [...]

Daily Palin: O’Reilly / Greta / Bristol 2012

Sweet bootlegged Bill O'Reilly camera action!
O'REILLY & GRETA & BRISTOL, OH MY! O'Reilly weighs in on the Bristol Palin / Levi Johnston fallout: MSNBC "incredibly viscious"; "disturbed individuals egged on by . . . the Air America on the radio."
BONUS: Greta downplays O'Reilly's characterization that she is "close to the Palin family," sayinh, "The only [...]