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The Morning After: Fabulous Ex-Gay Scarf Edition

* Via BLOgT: Even ex-gays are allowed to wear fabulous scarves.

Tomorrow: Academic Kink and Balloon Dinos on Stilts

Worried that tomorrow's Capital Pride Parade won't be enough sex-and-gender related activity for one day? Pass the time before and after with an ad-hoc sexuality conference by day, and gay balloon dinos on stilts by night:

The Morning After: Dangerous Leather Daddy Edition

* This weekend, kick off the D.C. Capital Pride festivities with a leather lesson:
''People might think this is corny or not as serious, but providing an educational day on safe play is primary to the weekend as well,'' says Michael Sessa, founder of the event and president of The Center. ''A lot [...]

Date Rape Anthem: The Douchiest Date Rape Song Ever!

Brightest Young Things introduces us to "the worst hip-hop group ever": "White & Crazy Kids." How crazy are they? So crazy, they just might black out and rape somebody. With an impressive one-two-punch, the worst hip hop group ever may have created the douchiest date rape song ever. It's called "Get Your Drink On." Let's [...]

The Morning After

* Local transgender America's Next Top Model contestant Isis King tells the NY Post about her future goals: "[Gender reassignment surgery] is still something I need to do. Financially I haven't saved up more money since the show. And because I haven't been working, I've been living off my savings. But hopefully the jobs will [...]

The Morning After

* Megan at Jezebel tells dudes "How Not to Get it On":
Don't pre-emptively tell me you have a small penis.
Don't text me on a Tuesday night after midnight "I could totally eat ur puss now if u r interwssetted." I'm not.
Don't ask if it's okay to fuck me up the ass because you don't have [...]

The Naughty Bits

Naughty: Washington Post's Date Lab. Here, the blame falls not on Post interviewer Christina Breda Antoniades, but on one of the feature's test bunnies: Mary Franklin, a 23-year-old graduate student. Franklin's answers to the Post's get-to-know-you questions reveal a common thread: "I'm very open to different kinds of people and experiences," she writes. "I like [...]

The Morning After

* Brightest Young Things' Meg Z ruminates on Metrosexual men's makeup habits.
* In an interview with the Blade, comedian Margaret Cho calls Sarah Palin the "worst thing to happen to America since 9/11."
* The New Gay, which already has a gay male comic strip, Curbside, has added a sister comic: Lefthanded Lesbians by Mag.
* Feministing [...]