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Sexist Comments of the Week: Wedding Day “Health” Edition

Last week on the Sexist, we payed tribute to the wedding industry's focus on women's "health," as evidenced through its tireless "BIG DAY" diet promotions, its images of women squeezing into too-small white dresses, and its total obsession with brides, not grooms. Commenters weighed in (GET IT?):

Why Wedding Weight Loss Isn’t About “Health”

Earlier this week, I engaged in some light mockery of a People Magazine contest encouraging brides-to-be to lose weight before their wedding days. But yesterday, some commenters pointed out why this is no joking matter: Did you know that these women are, like, fat? And you do know how unhealthy that is, right?
Holy shit, you [...]

The Original CockBib: For Drunk Brides, Small Children, and Subaru Owners

Last spring, I discovered the CockBib, an oral sex accessory for men who want a dryer blowjob. "The whole idea for cockbibs came to me right after I was pleased orally and realized,'Damn, I can’t just fall asleep, I need to get up and wash my balls,'" the device's inventor explained on his Web site, [...]

Punk Rock Brides: Like Regular Brides, With Attitude

What does a punk-rock bride wear to her big day? If designer Stephanie Ward's "Punk Rock Bride" collection is any indication, she wears the same flowey white thing the other brides wear—but with an attitude. Ward writes that she designs for the "bride who is looking for an original, non-traditional wedding dress." To me, these [...]

Note to Bridal Bloggers: “BM” Does Not Mean “Bridesmaid”

Because I am a riddle wrapped in an enigma, I frequent a blog called "DC NearlyWeds," a coterie of local pre-brides who while away their dwindling singledom by posting on the Internets about their betrothals. In my research of this Web log, I've found this disturbing trend: Many of these single ladies whose men have [...]

Running of the Brides Schedule Announced

Interested in converting your commitment ceremony to the person you love into a farcical display of your own vanity and/or a parable for the nation's economic woes? You're in luck! Filene's Basement has released the dates for this year's "Running of the Brides" bridal sales, the annual event wherein women compete in a contest of [...]