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Bizarre BreastFeeding Contraption #2: The Breastfeeding Curtain

Want to be able to breast-feed in public, but not down with the boob flashing? Hundreds of inventors have patented devices to help limit public displays of mommy’s food-source.  Many: weird.
Bizarre Breastfeeding Contraption: The Breastfeeding Curtain

Bizarre Breastfeeding Contraption #1: The Breastfeeding Hat

In my column this week, I profiled local mammographer and inventor Ella Laseinde, who created the Shield-Me-Baby Nursing Bib to allow women to breast-feed in public without flashing everybody. Laseinde's product isn't the only contraption on the market that encourages public breast-feeding while discouraging public displays of mommy's food-source. Hundreds of inventors have patented similar [...]

Public Breast-Feeding: What the Nursing Bib Means for the Right to Bare Breasts

Nothing to see here: Laseinde wants newborns to suck and cover.
Ella Laseinde is accustomed to seeing strangers’ breasts. “I’m a mammographer, so I’m with the breasts constantly,” says Laseinde, 71, who spent 30 years in government service—including five at the National Institutes of Health screening women’s chests. That’s not to say she’s interested in catching [...]