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What Makes Robyn Deane A Woman “In Process”?

On Friday, the Washington Post profiled Robyn Deane—transgender woman, LGBT activist, and former in-law of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. It's an interesting piece—with a couple of strange hang-ups.
First, the headline: "Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's former in-law speaks out for gay rights." Deane certainly does speak out for gay rights, but it seems odd to [...]

Bob McDonnell Campaign Courts the Ladies, Not the Gays

In the wake of the fallout from his inane masters thesis degrading women and homosexuals, it's nice to see Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell offering something just for the ladies: A handsome magenta bumper-sticker, yours for only $0.99.
Alas, there is not yet any conciliatory  "Gay for McDonnell" campaign merch to speak of. The McDonnell for [...]

Bob McDonnell Suggests “Working Mom Government Simplicity Task Force”

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell delivered a speech to George Washington University College Republicans last night, the G.W. Hatchet reports. McDonnell didn't explicitly mention his recently unearthed masters thesis which denigrated working women, homosexuals, and people who have sex. But he did make a nod to his commitment to right his past statements:
My wife has [...]