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Ashley Madison Pro-Cheating Advertising Hits D.C.

Ashley Madison, the online social network for men and women seeking extra-marital affairs, has had trouble landing its advertisements (above) on television and radio. So they've dumped their pro-cheating ads on the side of Remy Santiago's gasoline truck. On Friday, Santiago's cheatin' truck rolled through D.C., and settled in one location for about an hour. [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: NIMBY Edition

Eckington and surrounding neighborhoods are all atwitter over "The Dog Ate My Domestic Violence Shelter," a collection of the neighborhood's common arguments against domestic violence shelters (photo unrelated). Ready for even more arguments against domestic violence shelters? The Sexist comments of the week are after the jump:

The Dog Ate My Domestic Violence Shelter

Yays and Nabes: Behind Ward 5’s calm exteriors, furious typing about future developments.
It’s always tricky to rail against a domestic violence shelter without coming off like an asshole.
So residents of Ward 5 have to watch out. Many really don’t want a proposed transitional housing project for women and children slated to open in the Eckington [...]

Alley Pissers Inspire Listserv Poetry

I live in the Bloomingdale neighborhood, home to residents who like to get upset about everything for no reason. The "Boxer Girl Mural" that recently popped up in the neighborhood inspired derision that managed to graduate from the Listserv and onto the local news. After Channel 7 turned away, however, the debate raged on, and [...]

The Human Shit Persists

Yesterday, I posted a Listserv comment from a Bloomingdale resident who had a recurring problem with human shit appearing in front of his or her garage. The comment inspired a flurry of Listserv activity from other Bloomingdale residents regaling the neighborhood with their own human shit tales—and offering up potential remedies. These are their stories:
Witness: [...]

How To Make Humans Stop Shitting On Your Lawn

From the Bloomingdale Listserv today, a cry for help:
Someone keeps defecating directly in front of my garage. I believe it is happening overnight. It was happening pretty consistently but then it stopped when the weather became cold. I was reluctant to believe that a human could be doing this.
But oh, human it [...]

The Morning After: If You Love the Eiffel Tower So Much Why Don’t You Marry It Edition

* Live in Bloomingdale? (I do!): Join the gentrification society!
* Go on, guess what "objectum-sexuals" love:
a. fruit salad
b. the Eiffel Tower
c. "the narrowness of his jibs”
d. all of the above
Extra-credit question: Why are all objectum-sexuals women?
* Jane Fonda's blog: actually good?
* The New Gay gives us our morning medicine: "a thirteen-year-old Ricky Martin wearing his [...]