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How Feminists Ruined Menstruation, and Other Insights of a Dude Psychologist

Jesse Bering is "curious about the . . . immediate, subjective experiences of girls who are faced inexplicably with the fact that their uterine linings are literally falling out of their vaginas," he writes in his Scientific American column. There's just one thing standing in the way of Bering gaining an intimate knowledge [...]

The Blood Donation Ban on Men Who Have Sex With Men, Reconsidered

Via Metro Weekly: This June, the "Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability" intends to commence reconsidering an FDA policy that's been in place since 1985: The one "prohibiting men who have had sex with another man 'even one time since 1977' from donating blood."
Three blood-y groups—The American Association of Blood Banks, America's [...]