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The Morning After: Stay Puft Edition

Burlesque marshmallow man, via The Candy Pitch
* Seventy-five-year-old Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, the "first and only woman to pitch in the Negro American League," is set to be commemorated with her own field in Northeast D.C.

The Morning After: “Does That Make Me Queer?” Edition

* Via Sociological Images, a recent Marie Claire fashion shoot declares that "nude is the new black." Except that by "nude," they mean "the color white people are." White people are the new black. It's science.

The Blood Donation Ban on Men Who Have Sex With Men, Reconsidered

Via Metro Weekly: This June, the "Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability" intends to commence reconsidering an FDA policy that's been in place since 1985: The one "prohibiting men who have had sex with another man 'even one time since 1977' from donating blood."
Three blood-y groups—The American Association of Blood Banks, America's [...]