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How the NuvaRing Stops Babies

In my research on hilarious misconceptions about birth control, the NuvaRing proved to be one of the most misunderstood options. My theory: Unlike other methods of female birth control, men are actually forced to come in contact with the NuvaRing (through their penises!), at which point they are prompted to verbalize their confusion.

Rubber Barons: Why Doesn’t Your Boyfriend Know Jack About Contraception?

Allison, 26, and her boyfriend were having sex—an activity they had engaged in many times over the six months they had been dating—when her contraceptive vaginal ring fell right out of her vagina. Her boyfriend paused. He developed a sudden concern over the efficacy of the couple’s method of birth control. “He was like, ‘Oh, [...]

Would Your Boyfriend Be “Pleased” By Your Surprise Fetus?

Sexist pet peeve: the persistent myth that women are all privately obsessed with producing tiny widdle babies. Working to debunk that assumption is a recent National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy study [PDF] which surveyed thousands of young Americans, aged 18 to 29, about their thoughts and perceptions about pregnancy. Guess which group [...]

The Golden Girls on Condom Access

I'm a condom access nerd, so I was excited to see a Shapley Prose commenter post this vintage Golden Girls clip of Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche getting shamed by their cashier for loudly buying condoms for their romantic getaway (rarely do two nerd obsessions combine so harmoniously).
Next time your condom dispenser is a jerk about [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: When Dudes Won’t Wear Condoms Edition

Yesterday's post on a guy named “Dirty Jersey” who refused to strap one on sparked a more general discussion about guys who refuse to wear condoms. Then, commenter Shinobi chimed in with an area  for further inquiry: "Hilarious reasons guys can’t wear a condom."

D.C. Department of Insurance: D.C. Birth Control Is Safe

According to DCist, women in D.C. are not at risk of losing their birth control coverage, as previously reported at RH Reality Check and picked up on this blog. Sommer Mathis received this statement from Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking spokesperson Michelle Phipps-Evans:

UPDATED: D.C. Birth Control Safe, D.C. Department of Insurance Claims

D.C. ladies on the pill: You may not know the name of Gennet Purcell, the woman that Mayor Adrian Fenty appointed to head up the D.C. Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking last August. You should. Purcell may be responsible for sending your birth control costs through the roof. Yesterday, Amie Newman of R.H. Reality [...]

Women and Gay Men Are Sluts. Jealous, Straight Guys?

It's the classic double standard: If a woman is sexually promiscuous, she's a slut; if a man is sexually promiscuous, he's . . . a man. The origin of this fun gender construct can be attributed to the biological way-back-machine. Men, the theory goes, were created to spread their seed to as many wombs as [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Wherever to Ejaculate? Edition

So ... ejaculation. It turns out that where you do it can greatly affect a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. Like: If you ejaculate straight up into her vagina, she's more likely to become pregnant; if you ejaculate into a condom or anywhere else in the world, she's less likely to conceive. Every 16-year-old boy [...]

CVS Free the Condoms Rally Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Cure CVS Now and a coalition of public health advocates will gather outside the Dupont Circle CVS store in an attempt to pressure the pharmacy chain to rethink its locked condom policies. The ultimate goal of the "rally and press conference" is to convince "CVS to adopt a corporate policy to keep all condoms [...]