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Daily Palin: Levi Johnston Runaway Sperm Edition

EAT IT, JUDD: Somebody wrote Sarah Palin a letter the other day confirming that aerial wolf-hunting was a "scientifically valid and sound method of predator management." GRRROWL! The sender was "a group of pro-hunting organizations."
RUMORS: Has Levi Johnston knocked up another woman? And is he going for some sort of record?

The Morning After

* Amazing story from NPR about an Iraqi woman from Fallujah who makes good—then not so good—in the United States. Includes:
- Daring escape from abusive brother
- Illicit Marine base love affair
- Booze-fueled Ozark, Mo. marriage
- Tattoo rings
- Last-ditch job as topless dancer
- Husband's post-traumatic stress disorder
- Arrest for child abuse
* Will Barack Obama come in [...]

Debate Drinking Game: Mixed Sports Metaphor Edition

My father, a Barack Obama supporter, compares the final presidential debate to the last quarter of a sports game: Now that his candidate appears on the verge of victory, all he can do is watch on as he horribly squanders it all at the last minute. So this final debate drinking game is for those [...]