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Why Are We Really Watching That “Single Ladies” Girls Video?

Broadsheet thinks that the collective outcry over the sexy dance moves of the "Single Ladies" girls has the power to restore one's "faith in humanity." "I dare say this is evidence of a vague cultural consensus: Girls deserve to at least have a childhood before being thrust into the unintentional burlesque [...]

Feminine Performance and Thinking Of The Children

"Think of the children" is an argument consistently used to justify adult insecurities. Hate gay marriage? Just argue that it erodes a "child's sense of innocence." Disgusted by sex workers walking the streets in "broad daylight"? Argue that a child could see them. Uncomfortable with people openly discussing alternate sexualities? A [...]

The Morning After: Antique Prophylactics Edition

* Feminists With Sexual Dysfunction photographs her awesome family collection of antique prophylactics. Among them: Vintage versions of the awesomely bad brand Contempo Condoms, which still employs the following catchphrase: "Unleash the man you truly are and do it YOUR way with the ultra sensual range of lubricated Contempo Condoms." Perfect for the guy [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: What Is Beyonce’s “It”?

Last week, my post on the Top 5 Pseudo-Feminist Anthems inspired a spirited discussion over what the meaning of "it" is. The "it" in question appears twice in one pronoun-heavy line from Beyonce's "Single Ladies": "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.
What is this "it"?

Top 5 Pseudo-Feminist Anthems

After much discussion of traditionally feminine passivity in ostensibly empowering lady-pop, I think it's high time for a list. Ever since the Spice Girls made "Girl Power" cool, sexy, and (above all) lucrative for record producers, empowerment has been a convenient posture for pop music to assume—lyrical cognitive dissonance be damned!
Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon put [...]

A Hierarchy Of the Human Nipple (NSFW ZOOM)

The human nipple is a strange beast. Depending on the context, this "small projection of skin containing the outlets for 15-20 lactiferous ducts arranged cylindrically around the tip" has been marketed as alternately sexy, obscene, artistic, disgusting, and even sexier.
But as a consumer of nipple shots, such versatility can become confusing. It's often difficult to [...]

Sexist Beatdown: How Beyonce In A Cop Outfit = Feminism Now Edition

Pre-post-post-feminism was marked by elaborate personality-based costumes
Sady of Tiger Beatdown and I were totally prepared to have a Very Serious Discussion Concerning Our Feelings on the Defense Of Marriage Act and Why Obama Was Or Was Not A Dick About It (VSDCOFOTDOMAAWOWOWNADAI) today.
But then we read this awesome piece by Steve Haruch, dude in Texas, [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Samoans, Indoor Plumbing, And The Secret of True Womanhood

Men Men Men Men MANLY Men Men Men
Okay, before anything else: Please read this. I'm not sure what it is—more on that later—but it appears to be a column for the Globe and Mail penned by Lynn Crosbie about the true definition of "Samoan," the reason why "Two & A Half Men" is "excellent," [...]

At Last

I missed Beyonce singing "At Last" to Barack and Michelle at last night's Neighborhood Ball—I was busy scoping out presidential connections (and duck wraps!) at the Hawaii State Society Inaugural Ball—which means I got to cry a little bit over YouTube this morning. Here's the first dance, in case you missed it, too:

How Hard Is This Inaugural Concert Going to Blow?

[youtube:v=8mVEGfH4s5g] If they liked her, they should have let Beyonce put a ring on it.
Super hard, the Associated Press reports. Though the line-up for this Sunday's Obama inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial includes some of the nation's hottest performers, the notoriously lame "American spirit" promises to dampen each mammoth recording artist's luster. According [...]