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Sexist Comments of the Week: Sexist Oscars Edition

Last week, Sexist readers discussed Bob Mondello's suggestion that the Academy "unsex the Oscars" by combining the Best Actor and Best Actress categories for one big co-ed competition. Counter-point: The sex-segregated acting awards have rewarded filmmakers who write strong female characters, and it's no coincidence that categories that haven't made an effort to award women [...]

How The Sex-Segregated Oscars Were Good For Film

Yesterday, City Paper colleague and NPR commentator Bob Mondello floated a solution that would trim the bloated Academy Awards telecast "and strike a blow against sexism"—unsex the Oscars. Mondello:
Nobody separates Best Director from Best Directress (directrix?), or Best Editor from Best Editress, so why Best Actor and Best Actress? Combine them, and let the best [...]