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Speed Botox Hits Georgetown This Summer

This summer, District wrinkles are under assault with the opening of D.C.'s "first ever botox boutique." The Georgetown-based Luxxery Express Medical Spa will feature no-appointment-necessary injectable fillers for "D.C.’s on-the-go, beauty-driven community"—a local demographic that's been ignored for too long.
The man behind the needle is Dr. Ayman Hakki, who, according to a press release, "saw [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Plastic Surgery Experts Mansplain It All

Why are the vast majority of plastic surgeons male, and the vast majority of plastic surgery patients female? Sexist readers float their theories:

Female Orgasms, Skinny Girls, and Feminist Cognitive Dissonance

Lately, I've written a bit on how feminist women are forced to engage in some cognitive dissonance in order to satisfy two conflicting parts of ourselves: The part that wants to dismantle the patriarchy, and the part that must live in it. This weekend, I read pieces by two feminist writers that shed some light [...]

The Problem With Defending The Sacred Choice to Vajazzle

Following my post on vajazzling last week, I received several responses from commenters who were concerned that I was questioning a woman's sacred choice to vajazzle.

Local Car Dealership Promises No Bikini Waxes

Ladies: You prefer Antwerpen Toyota. At least, that's the impression held by the Clarksville, Md. car dealership, which has been circulating the "Ladies prefer" assertion in its advertisements since 2007. In order to keep the ladies happy, the dealership offers up female-friendly extras to waiting customers, including professional manicures, on-site cappuccinos, and pastries.
According to a [...]

To Latisse, Even Brooke Shields’ Eylashes Are “Not Enough”

The advertising machine for "Latisse," a prescription eyelash treatment which claims to "grow longer, grow fuller and darker lashes," has been grinding for quite some time now. On its Web site, Latisse presents itself as a treatment for hypotrichosis, a condition which causes abnormal hair growth. In television commercials, however, that actual medical condition is [...]

Sexist Beatdown: A Peppermint Foot Massage Does A Douchebag Make

Welcome back to "Sexist Beatdown," a weekly online "chat" between myself and Sady of Tiger Beatdown. "Sexist Beatdown," incidentally, could also define every relationship famously depressed person Elizabeth Wurtzel (pictured) has ever had (just wait 'til you meet GREGG, guys!).
In Wurtzel's latest essay, "Failure to Launch: When Beauty Fades" (published in this month's Elle), Elizabeth [...]

Foundation Index Replaces Lipstick Index As Bullshit Economic Indicator

Breaking girly news from the Financial Times: FT reports that the "Lipstick Index" has been replaced by the "Foundation Index," signaling a shift in female consumers' recession-era makeup of choice.
The "Lipstick Index" was coined by Estee Lauder leader Leonard Lauder in 2001 "to highlight the correlation between economic downturns and upticks in lipstick sales." Now, [...]

In Search of Ms. Senior D.C.

Hot, "inner hot" elderly women encouraged to emerge from D.C. woodwork
Attention local cougars and MILFs: The search for "Ms. Senior D.C. 2009" has begun.
If you are "a woman 60 years of age or older" who "lives in the District of Columbia," "inspires others with her enthusiasm," "is poised, charming and articulate," has a "positive philosophy [...]